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Start thinking of projects for next year.  Applications will be due in October 2023.


The Coos County Cultural Coalition is organized for the purpose of preserving, protecting and developing the arts, heritage and humanities in Coos County through periodic distribution of grant monies to qualified applicants with funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust and other such funds that the Coalition may obtain. The Coalition exists to support those cultural activities that meet the priorities of the Coalition as stated in the Coos County Cultural Plan.

Board Members

Cultural Coalitions ensure that Cultural Trust dollars reach every county in Oregon. The coalitions have their own grant programs to address community needs and priorities. Their programs fund a broad range of cultural work including arts education, local history preservation projects, community theater and library programs for toddlers and elders.


Oregonians have a unique opportunity to fund cultural activities in the state and to double their impact for free with the Cultural Tax Credit.

Grant Information
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